I was blessed with three amazing kids...Ava, Ashby, and Remy.  My middle child, Ash, has special needs.
He is autistic and has ADHD, and while he is extremely bright and funny, I noticed that it was difficult to
capture his personality, lovingness, and humor in photos. It became my focus to figure out ways to capture
all of these things that I see in him. It has been a very rewarding journey. This is one of the things that drove
me to make this more than a hobby and make it my profession.

Regarding my pencil portraits, I've been drawing professionally since I was 15, following in my mother’s
footsteps as she is also an artist. I've taken several different photos and merged them into one drawing, and
I've also done many individual drawings of children, adults, and pets. I really enjoy bringing portraits to life
and making them look real. My clients love giving these portraits as holiday and birthday gifts.

I mentioned that my middle child, Ash, has a great sense of humor, and one day after he had unfortunately
drawn on his walls, he asked me to draw Batman on his wall. Why not, he thought? If mommy can paint
then she can do it on my walls! So I started drawing a life-size batman which then turned into a painting that I finished off with a glow-in-the-dark batman belt that we can see each night as he goes to sleep. The excitement behind this and the look on his face, drove me to paint on everyone’s walls. I paint nature scenes, Disney characters, superheroes, and also scenes for nurseries. I like to both paint and also create dimensional artwork that can be hung on the wall for your children to touch, especially if they are very tactile sensory oriented.

​I feel blessed to have these wonderful gifts, and I want to share them with you too. I hope that my photos and artwork inspire you to want to capture a moment in time and bring a smile to someone’s face.  One of my ongoing goals in my business is to give back a part of everything that I receive to different charities for autism, charities for abused and neglected children, and many others that I feel passionate about. As of 2017, I've raised over $7,000 so far for charities and schools closest to my heart.

​​My name is Dawn Greenwald, and I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer, artist, wife, and mom. I studied photography and art in college and I've been doing photography for over 20 years. I LOVE what I do and I specialize in newborn, seniors, families, corporate, and real estate photography. I live in Loveland/Milford Ohio where I've resided for 17 years.
I use both natural light and I also have a studio in
Milford, Ohio. For many years, photography was my
hobby but in 2013, I started my photography business
and its been a rewarding and amazing journey. 

About ME

by Dawn Greenwald